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1in10 is a program where a team sets aside 1 in 10 Saturday mornings (that is 5 per year) to help make our community a better place. This involves working in school, kindergartens, aged care facilities, public spaces and private homes doing practical jobs such as gardening, landscaping, painting, building, maintenance and rubbish removal for those who really need some support.

The 1in10 team works in small groups at each site, with a team leader who oversees the project. We meet for breakfast at the CFC at 7.30, and then head out to the sites after 8 am. We finish the work by 12.30 pm.

If you would like to find out more about 1in10, to request some help from the 1in10 team, or join up to become a 1in10er, contact Carol on 0438 644 479 or email 1in10.hillscfc@gmail.com.